Shipments can be large or small. Different products require different levels of handling, storage, and delivery. With so many variables in play, the price of logistics solutions cannot be fixed. With so many variables, we offer flexible pricing plans tailored specifically to each of our clients.

From warehousing, storage, and break bulk management to distribution, packing, and delivery, ILS is dedicated to serving our clients at the highest level. The price can be structured in 3 categories which are storage charge, handling charge, and transport charge, however, the different service charge can be proposed. Best of all, with our huge fleet of trucks driven by a safe, fast, and professional crew, we can deliver your goods at the competitive price with the service level.

Roughly our prices for warehousing and transport start at the following and can be adapted from there

  • Warehouse: Storage starts at 180 baht/cbm
  • Transport: Delivery starts at 500 baht/cbm

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