• ILS VDO Presentation

    21 Jul, 2018

    First time with Short VDO Presentation on Youtube in which customer can see our facilities and our potential to offer Read More

  • Introducing Our New Website and Logo

    08 Sep, 2014

    The new includes more forms for download, in-depth information about our logistics solutions as well as our history of work in Thailand, a more intuitive layout, and, of course, a sharp new logo.

  • The New ILS Warehouse Space

    To accommodate our many clients that work in the food industry in Thailand, ILS expanded its operational space, constructing a new warehouse that opened at the end of 2013. This new warehouse is clean, climate-controlled, and perfect for food storage.

  • GPS Online Tracking

    In speaking with our clients, we learned the true importance of GPS tracking to their businesses. Being able to know the precise location of their shipments allowed them to plan accordingly or simply rest assured. We knew that this value-added service would give our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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